Our unique philosophy

The way we look after your health and wellbeing is shaped by our commitment to our three guiding principles.

Health, managed proactively

We're deeply committed to making a positive difference to our patients' wellbeing. Through preventive care and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, we take action before problems manifest, and work with our patients to keep them healthy. We believe that there’s no time like the present to take charge of your health, with us.

Care, in one coordinated journey

We combine the strength of a world-renowned hospital and preeminent university to create one collaborative team of doctors. Through shared decision-making, we close the distance between doctor and patient, providing answers and support every step of the way. Our care extends beyond the clinic and across the globe, ensuring that wherever and whenever you need help, you're always perfectly looked after, and never on your own.

World-class healthcare, revolving around you

We put our patients at the centre of everything we do. To us, they are not just some notes on a chart that gets filed away, but the very reason we exist. So we ensure that the entire experience fits perfectly into their life and that the healthcare we deliver is best suited for them – because success for them is success for us.

A powerful partnership

Two world-renowned names in healthcare and medical research have joined forces to work together for you. Mayo Clinic and Oxford University Clinic are undisputed experts in our respective areas, and together we represent more than 150 years of experience in high quality patient-centred healthcare. Our unique collaboration enables us to work together to drive advances in patient care, medical research and education, and ultimately provide better outcomes for our patients.

Our state-of-the-art clinic

At the heart of central London, our clinic provides world-class patient experiences in a relaxing environment.

Perfect location, unparalleled service

Easily accessible yet discreet, our clinic is located in the heart of central London’s prestigious Harley Street precinct. It's a relaxing and comfortable space that's equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. Our expert staff and dedicated clinicians are supported by an unrivalled network of more than 4000 experts, enabling us to call on some of the world’s best medical minds if required.

Designed around your needs

Our clinic provides all the amenities you might possibly require during your visit. Our on-site Executive Lounge and Business Hubs enable you to stay in touch with your business, family and friends. And our dedicated teams can provide expert guidance on accommodation, restaurants, and the local area, ensuring that you not only receive the best possible care and treatment, but also a seamless stress-free experience.

The results that matter

We're dedicated to our patients' health and wellbeing, and proud of the outstanding outcomes we achieve.


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