Executive Health and Wellness Plan

In today's fast-moving corporate environment, the smartest companies understand that a healthy executive team drives a successful business. They recognise the value of investing in the health, wellbeing, and productivity of their senior team. We provide a preventative healthcare plan that delivers resilience and reassurance to their companies.

Your executives will appreciate our approach

We understand the demands of international corporate business, and our offer is built around your executives' needs. Our services are accessible, discreet and efficient, with generous appointment times that cater for their busy schedules. With our range of flexible and competitively priced packages, we provide plenty of options to ensure that you can achieve the most value from your employee benefits budgets.

Your business will enjoy the benefits

Enrolling your senior management onto our Executive Health and Wellness Plan is a sensible and effective way to enable your executive teams to embrace a healthier way of life and continue to excel and thrive in the workplace. In addition, offering your employees access to the plan will give your company the edge when it comes to the competitive challenge of attracting and retaining top executives.

Why choose us?

We deliver exceptional quality healthcare

Your employees will experience the finest preventative healthcare available anywhere in the world. Our uniquely caring culture and evidence-based approach is delivered in a clinical environment of unparalleled quality. Your employees deserve the best, and that's exactly what they can expect to receive.

We take a totally personalised approach

We're experts in holistic wellness and wellbeing, and we take time to get to know our patients and understand their individual lifestyles, needs and aspirations. Then we identify any challenges that might impact their total health, and deliver the bespoke advice and treatment that is right for them.

We're world-renowned problem-solvers

Our dedicated clinicians are supported by an unrivalled network of more than 4000 international medical experts, so we can call on the world’s best medical minds to solve any issue that might arise. By working with our patients at every step of the way, we're committed to helping them live fuller, healthier lives.

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