This is simply a hearing test to evaluate your hearing, and will help your doctor determine whether any further investigation needs to be carried out into anything to do with your hearing.


This test allows the doctor to understand how well you can hear and then determine if whether a more comprehensive test may be required.


Hearing is tested using a screening audiometer, which produces pure tones that you will hear in each ear separately while using headphones. The sounds vary in frequency and intensity. You will press a button as you hear the tones at fainter and fainter sound levels. The audiogram is a graphical or tabular display of the lowest volumes, measured in decibels (dB), that you are able to hear at each frequency, measured in Hertz (Hz). Based on the results, your physician may recommend more comprehensive testing, consideration of an audiology consultation for hearing aids, or assessment by an ear, nose and throat physician (otolaryngologist) which may lead to additional testing.

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